Individual Products:

These items can be added to any package or use them to build a custom package. When doing so, these items may qualify for discounts from the listed price, contact us for more information.

Individual Prints:
8 Wallets   $10.00
4″x6″ $8.00
5″x7″ $10.00
8″x10″ $16.00
11″x14″ $25.00
16″x20″ $35.00
18″x24″ $45.00
20″x30″ $55.00
Specialty Printing Products:
  • Wedding Albums and Photo Books:
    • One of a kind, hand crafted design and layout by Butterfly Photography customizable just for you.
    • Printed on photo quality premium paper, lustre or matte finish.
    • Professionally quality hard bound book.
    • Sizes from 7″x7″ to 13″x11″ and 12″x12″
    • 20 pages to 80 pages or more
    • With all of the options, prices vary greatly.
      Please, call or email if you would like an estimate.
    • ALSO AVAILABLE: Soft cover “Parent albums” at special pricing if purchased with a regular hard cover album.
      • Great gift idea for parents, family and wedding party members.
      • Soft cover copy of the regular ablum.1

  • Canvas Wrap Photo Printing:
    • 10″x10″ = $100.00
    • 11″x14″ = $120.00
    • 16″x24″ = $165.00
    • 20″x30″ = $200.00
      Other sizes are available.
  • Calendar

  • Calendars:
    • Middle Bend: 11″ x 17″ = $27.00
       Includes 12 Images & 8″x10″ Cover
    • Spiral Top: 11″ x 17″ = $35.00
       Includes 12 Images & 11″x17″ Cover
  • Greeting/Holiday Cards:
    • 20 pack 5″x7″ Postcards = $22.00
    • 20 pack 5″x7″ Single Fold = $35.00
  • Other Specialty Items:
    • We also provide specialty items with a photo we take printed on them.
    • Items include:
      • Coffee mugs
      • Mouse pads
      • Keychains
      • Magnets
      • Customized notebooks
      • AND MUCH MORE!
    • Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know if we can do it.
Digital Files & Copyright Release:
CDROMWe offer Co-Copyright with a disk containing digital copies of all images. Pricing will vary based on the number of images.
Please, contact us for more information.
Prices subject to change without notice. All quoted prices will be honored if booked or ordered within 30 days from day of quote.
1 – Due to layout differences between large and small format albums, a smaller soft cover album will be as close to the full album as possible.